Aguho Playa offers accommodations in cottages, the main beach house, and the pavilion. It can take more than 150 guests at any given time. It stands among pines and greeneries and offers "pure sea breeze" which seems non-stop throughout the year. The place is cool, breezy and green. We invite everybody to get out of the malls and savor nature in Aguho Playa.

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  1. Main House (of old hard wood with Tegula tiles roof) The main beach house has 4 rooms for rent. Each of the three is good up to 2 persons, the 4th room (Amba's Den) good for 4 persons. Each is furnished (except towels), and has a Queen-sized semi-poster bed, made of hard wood. The house has a sala, dinning room and CR, and a balcony, the second floor has a big master bed room, a sitting room, CR and balcony too - reserved as ambassador's den.

  2. Cottages (native huts) There are 3 large and 3 small cottages. A large cottage has 4 rooms, each room with beddings can accommodate up to 6 persons. A small cottage has 2 room, each room is also good up to 6 persons.

  3. Pavilion (old hard wood and Tegula roof)  There is a big hall by the beach for dinning, get-together, beach party, even weddings. It has an upper floor with 3 "attic rooms by the sea". Each with beddings, is good up to 4 persons.

  4. Sheds or open kubo. These facilities are scattered around, for dinning, get-together and merry-making, especially if the Pavilion is full.

  5. Campers are welcome subject to local rules. There are convenient areas for them. They can cook with their own equipments. They may avail themselves also of a food package from the Kitchen, the "Kusina ni Nanay".

  6. Comfort Rooms - CRs are airy, white and clean. The "Shangrila" CRs, for instance have cubicles which could "seat" 6 persons at any given time, and has showers for 4 persons, is located by a "mini forest".

  7. Electricity - available 6pm- 6am.

Airconditioned Building

1st floor room - good up to 4 persons
2nd floor room - good up to 6 persons

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