Amenities include not only swimming but also activities like beach volleyball, badminton, snorkeling, fishing, beach – and -  island hopping, hiking.

Walk (barefoot) or jog with others on the fine beaches of the "resorts row", about 3 kilometers long. Visit the other beaches, or enjoy a nice swim at Yang-In Island, where the fine sand feels like foam. Nearby is a river full of Mangroves and some birds and even monkeys. For those who have time, go island-hopping in Baliscar, unin- habited and has wild sea snakes, the Balisin, Patnanungan, or even Polilio Islands.

Naga Cove - the guests could visit and spend a day or two in Naga Cove (not in Bicol) in the mainland (an hour boat ride), another world, where the rest house is surrounded by big trees, in front of the sea, by a river whose up- stream has small waterfalls. Or from the Cove visit the "Butas-Butas" rock formation nearby, or go to Bisibis (in season) and enjoy a waterfall cascading down the beach, and forming a gigantic glass-like wall at the foot of a hill. (see tourmauban.com.ph)

Fishing and snorkeling are options.


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