As stated, Aguho Playa is located in Cagbalete Island, Mauban, Quezon. Mauban is 150 kilometers from Manila, (about 4hour drive). By boat, Aguho Playa is about an hour from Mauban. With 1650 hectares, Cagbalete is a little bit bigger that Boracay.

From Manila, the visitor may take the public transport or his private vehicle. The Jac Liner bus from Edsa Kamuning, Quezon City leaves 5am everyday  via Lucena and arrives in Mauban around 9am. Or takes SLEX (South Luzon Expressway viia Pagsanjan), off at Calamba, proceed to Los Baños, then Pagsanjan up to Cavinti and Luisiana, then left turn to Sampaloc and Mauban. No traffic (except in Los Baños)  and shorter route.

Parking - Upon arrival in Mauban, the visitor goes to the Tourism Office (at the Sea Wall Pier), which provides information on Cagbalete and parking space (An environment fee of P50 is charged).

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Ferry or Boat - The visitor either in going to the Island, either takes the ferry (public transport, 100 pesos per person), or hire a private boat or banca. The ferry boats (two of them) have regular schedules from Monday to Sunday (2 trips each from Cagbalete - Mauban and back). However, during peak season (especially March - May), and during weekends or holidays (Holy Week), there is no regular schedule. The ferry leaves when full, and it is always full. Many rent private boat or banca. Rates vary, depending upon number of passengers and size of boat. More expensive (insurance included) more convenient. Guests are brought directly infront of the beach resort.

Tides - Unless it is low-tide, in which case, passengers are constrained to walk from the point where the boat stops moving to the beach resort, or from Sabang (Cagbalete Port) to the resort at the other side the island. Or they take smaller bancas, if thde permits.

Introduced to items like corals, sea horse, sea weeds, shells, many enjoy the challenging experience of walking or wading to the shore.

Incidentally, Cagbalete beaches are children-friendly. High or low tide, children swim and play, day or night. As low tide "expands" the beach seemingly by a kilometer or two, adults promenade around, early morning or late afternoon, or especially at night under the moon and the stars.

The ferry lands at Sabang (Cagbalete Port). From there, guests walk to the resort (15-20 minutes) or take a banca. Our personnel assist guests. If they miss them, tour guides and porters are available for minimal fees.

Reminder - Visitors are, therefore urged to make prior arrangements before proceeding to Mauban. Jac liner bus is ordinarily full, Mauban piers and Tourism office could be crowded too. Prior arrangement for private boat is practical. Coordinate with the resort well in advance.